Live out your humanity and faith through service to others

Our Purpose

To educate the general public regarding the issues related to poverty and homelessness and to provide services to poor and homeless people. Provide funding to agencies, organizations, and individuals that offer services to at risk and homeless people in Saint Clair County, as funds are available.

Angels of St. Clair County, a community based nonprofit, does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

Our Achievements

Angels treasurer, Atiqua Burns, showing her son Miles the importance of wearing a mask.
  • To commemorate International Women’s Day, Atiqua Burns, Treasurer of Angels of SCC, coordinated the distribution of Spring survival items (umbrellas, ponchos, socks and feminine hygiene products) to the Belleville-based Domestic Violence Program and Project Compassion, an organization in Belleville that assists women and their children who are in need.
  • The Angels of SCC, The Salvation Army of SCC and TOCO co-sponsored a tour of the Belleville Police Department on March 18, 2022.  The tour was facilitated by MSgt. Sean Harris and attended by 15 people.
    Dale Parker, CAB Angel, and volunteer at The Salvation  Army‘s drop in center,  suggested follow up meetings, particularly focusing on  the Crisis Intervention Team of our police department.
  • On June 17, 2021 the Angels of SCC presented Joe Hubbard with a plaque honoring his 60 years of service to poor and homeless people. This was done in conjunction with The Salvation Army announcing the official opening of its drop- in- center.
    Speaking at the event were Bishop Michael McGovern; Leander Spearman, City of Belleville; Kara Moore, Director of TOCO thrift shop; Maria Maloy, Homeless Coalition of SCC; and Dr. Cynthia Jenkins, SWIC. The event was moderated by Lieutenant Justian Corliss (now Captain) of TSA. He announced his transfer to St. Charles, MO-effective June 30. The new commanders are Lt. Kenneth Jones and Captain Sam Nolan-Jones.  The Belleville News Democrat covered the event and printed the article on the front page.
  • COVID-19/Park Project
    • After the Governor lifted restrictions so that small groups could gather in Belleville parks, the Board of Directors of the Angels of Saint Clair County approved the COVID-19/Park Project. Every Sunday in September and October volunteers handed out PPE, pre-packaged food and water at Ever and Anon Park in downtown Belleville. A highlight was designating October 11 as a day to honor Ms. Amye Ducksworth, who for 10 years served food on Sundays to poor and homeless when no one else would. Ms. Ayme received a certificate of appreciation from the Angels of SCC on the day of the event and will receive a Proclamation from the SCC Board at their monthly board meetings. Her bio is posted below. Angels received numerous donations from individuals and organizations. Bob Trentman and daughter Emma, Maria Maloy, and Daniel Heismann assisted Jesse Arms in staffing the Project.
  • Homeless Outreach Project-COVID-19
    • On March 21, 2020 Governor Pritzner ordered a lock down of the State due to the pandemic.
    • The Board of Directors of the Angels of St. Clair County approved the Homeless Outreach Project-COVID 19 on March 24. The goals were 1. to assess which organizations in the greater Belleville area were still able to provide homeless people with food and/or shelter; and 2. gather and distribute PPE to these organizations. With the invaluable assistance of Maria Maloy, SVDP, 12 organizations were identified. Thanks to the Department of Public Health, the Emergency Management Agency and individual donations, we were able to supply all organizations with various PPE items ranging from masks, sanitizing agents and disposable gloves.
  • Trunk Project
    • In 2019, the Angels of St. Clair County brought food and hygiene items directly to homeless and others with needs through the outreach of the Trunk Project. Donations of over $1,100 of food items – including Vienna sausages, crackers, peanut butter, rice cakes, water, coffee – along with toiletries and personal hygiene items, socks, hats, gloves, and underwear were given to more than 100 people. Additional items were provided to six area programs/churches for distribution through their community support programs.
    • In addition to food, toiletries, and clothing, compassionate discussions were held with approximately 30 people. Discussions included job and business counseling, pre-eviction counseling, assistance in contacting family members, help with transportation for court dates and jail visits, referrals to AA, and assistance in getting to overnight winter lodging sites.
  • Amye’s Bio
    • Amye Ducksworth was born in Dekalb, Mississippi on December 9th, 1942. She was one of the youngest of 12 children. Amye learned early on about service and selflessness when her mother died. At the age of six, little Ayme became primary caregiver to her 6 month old brother while her father worked on the farm. As a basketball star in high school, Ayme worked hard and graduated at the age of 16. Right after graduation, she travelled by herself to East Saint Louis to start work in a restaurant. Thus began her career in making delicious food, especially her fried fish.Ayme, an avid bowler, is mother to 2 boys and 1 girl, grandmother to 4, and great-grandmother to 7. She has worked at McDonell Aircraft in St. Louis, St. Mary’s Hospital, and was the cook  at Sandy’s BBQ for many years. She continues to love basketball, but rather than playing, she loves watching Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors.For the past 10 years, Ayme has continued her life of service by providing meals, love, and community to the poor and homeless in Belleville on Sundays. Amye picked up the mantle to feed people in need when no one else did.

Past Achievements

      • Provided funding to assist in costs of utilities to 4 churches to initiate extreme weather sites, winter 2014
        • Conquerors Christian Center
        • Garden Heights Baptist Church
        • Redeemers House of Worship
        • Trinity United Church of Christ
      • Organized 5 Homeless Memorials on “the longest night of the year” – December 21
      • Educated community regarding the need for a community-based drop-in center for homeless people and those at risk of homelessness
      • Provided over 480 meals or pre-packaged food on Sundays from April to November 2018, in cooperation with Tony Hilker, “Making a Difference” and the leadership of chief cook, Amy Ducksworth.
      • Provided blankets, hats, gloves and socks to over 50 individuals on Sundays with support from “IL Indivisible 12.”
      • Provided transportation and advocacy for 5 homeless individuals to the Belleville Police Department-who had no ID, so they could get motel vouchers during extreme winter weather.
      • Distributed over 75 condoms given by the Southern Illinois Health Care Foundation.
      • Handed out 225 flyers and emailed 250 individuals for a employment information event which was held at the Belleville Main Library and sponsored by the Illinois Department of Employment Security, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and SWIC Employment Services.
      • Assisted in providing funding for meals and gift bags on Christmas Eve for an event sponsored by Law and Grace Ministry.
    • Provided transportation and advocacy to 7 homeless people to various tax-funded agencies. Provided critical information to over 50 individuals. Information included free meals, emergency medical care, drug and alcohol treatment, obtaining IDs, employment assistance, and assistance with tickets issued by the police department for sleeping in a public place.